quadra provide flood preventative measures and solutions

Your 3 Step Flood Action Plan

With the heaviest rainfall season approaching, preparation and awareness are key to reducing the impact of a flood.  We have compiled a collection of flood prevention measures that can be taken to limit damage to your property. Following the floods in the north of England this summer, it is important that preparations are taken for…

Subsidence – Playing the Long Game

By their nature, subsidence matters are some of the most complex claims falling within buildings coverage. Often long-term in manifestation, or short-term, with “violent” outcomes to a building’s structure, the causes of damage can be multiple and hidden.

How To Properly Insure Your Wine

It seems the days of wine collecting being limited to wine enthusiasts may be over. The steady increase in the value of fine wine has led to heightened interest from prudent investors, who view it as a great money-making tool. With more scope placed on its value, this has raised questions for connoisseurs seeking the…